A seven storey building has collapse in Kware in Embakasi adding to the number of building structural failures in Kenya. The building had earlier shown imminent signs of collapse and some tenants vacated. Other were however reluctant to leave. 128 people have been accounted for by Red Cross which has been active at the scene. The building had 120 units. Rescue operations were still underway the morning after the collapse. The house that sunk in Kware, Embakasi, had shown indications it would collapse a week ago, tenants say. After the cracks were spotted they called the owner, who visited the house but left in huff before the collapse. Half measures were put in place in the form of plastering to contain the increasing cracks. The police were called upon on Monday 12; they arrived at the scene at 7pm. The officers ordered the tenants to move out of the structure immediately and since it was an emergency, they left without their belongings. The occupants assembled at the Downstream Academy grounds, where they spent the night in the cold. But at around 11pm, it is reported that some decided to go back to the building to collect their belongings. That is when it sunk, according to witnesses. More than four floors were pushed into the ground in the Monday night incident and there are fears that over a dozen tenants are trapped in the rubble.

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