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A talk about country’s economy is incomplete without taking a call on industrial sector. Of the many developing segments, forging industry is gaining utmost attention. The term ‘forging’ is a process to shape and size the metals by the use of localized compressive force. Such types of companies rely on the quality production of forged goods for Automotive Industries.


Forging has its history way back in 12th century, when smiths used to shape products with the help of hammer and anvil. With the passage of time, the technique took a drastic change. Today, industries use mechanically driven equipment and devices to produce forged products. While some metals can be treated at normal room temperature, materials like iron and steel demands hot forging. In this process, a high-temperature furnace is required to heat billets and ingots for a pre-determined time, following heat treatment of the forged product. However, the method is determined according to the type of metal and the desired geometrical shape of the end-product.

Hot forging technique has been ruling the metal industries for years now. However, the scarcity in the supply of furnace oil, a major requirement, appears to be a nightmare for production houses. The rise in inflation and the current pricing trend is affecting companies to a large extend. Owing to the issue, engineers with gasification knowledge have come up with a technology to replace the use of furnace oil with producer gas.

Coal gasification technology helps in the considerable production of producer gas to be used for heat treatment. The heating process is done to refine the material size, improve the consistency of each minute structure and enhance the physical properties of forged steel. The technology carries the potential to cut fuel cost and provide effective business output. For instance, one such coal gasifier has been installed in a forging unit located in Nagpur, Maharashtra (India).

By installing the technology, the production of the company has increased by 40%. Moreover, the saving in coal gas as compared to the furnace oil is more than 60%. If you are looking for best engineering ideas for your forging units, then it is high time to contact gasification experts. A few companies offer complete gasification solutions including planning, installation and commissioning of gasifiers along with after-sales services. They have a team of consultant to provide answers to complicated questions and have adequate knowledge to empower your business with up-to-date technicalities.

One best way to find coal gasifiers for your forging industry is via Internet. In this tech-savvy era, engineering companies have come up with their websites, most of which are updated with contact information. A little time from your end will help you to compare services and make best selection for your business venture. So start surfing from now on and make decision to implement affordable coal gasification technology in your industry.

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