Forty Two Geomatic Services Ltd (hereinafter “42GS”) was incorporated on 8th November 2005. Since 42’s inception the company has developed a multi – disciplinary objective in the world of mining, physical planning, construction, comprehensive engineering and survey services. The company has grown tremendously and continues to achieve great heights of success. 42GS, located within 5 kilometres of the City of Nairobi, in its thirst to achieve an accessible one – stop service centre, is carefully engineered upon a solid foundation of efficiency duly enhanced through co-operate team work.

Today the company prides itself in its spacious offices, serene ambience and professionally qualified and experienced staff with collective expertise in civil engineering, irrigation, Agriculture, building, mining survey , waste disposal, power lines, physical planning among other disciplines. 42GS’s large investment has gone towards equipping the company with modern IT services and resources, all in line with keeping up with challenges of globalization and ensuring maximum comfort and convenience for the company’s staff and various clienteles.

The company takes continuous education for its staff seriously. Our particular strength and main objective of the team we have formed is their ability to understand and react rapidly to client requirements to meet their objectives within their desired time frames. With its broad experience and expertise, this fast growing company is ideally placed to meet the demands of the rapidly and radically transforming societal needs. We offer specialist independent advisory and actual services, which have seen the company, raise an impressive client base, both individual and corporate. 42GS has traversed the borders in its continued desire to achieve greater heights in what it does. We have been to Rwanda, Burundi, Eritrea and Tanzania.


  • Members of Institution of Surveyors of Kenya,
  • Registered Qualified Assistant with Land surveyors board
  • Member of Camborne School of mines Association
  • Member Kenya chambers of Mines
  • Registered with NEMA as EIA Experts 2 

The Directors at 42 Geomatic services have over 30 years of experience in Power lines and related substations and Mining survey works. The field of experience includes:-
• Open pit mine surveying of Fluorspar Mining in Kerio valley
• Quarry surveying in Thika Area
• Underground mining survey at Kilimapesa Transmara
• Topographical survey for exploration works in Burundi for IGE
• Consultancy and Construction Surveying in Transmission, substations and distribution power lines in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Eretria
• Wayleave land acquisition for Electricity Transmission and distribution lines
• Several cadastral work in Kenya
• EIA reports for Electricity Substations in Kenya
• Geotechnical Investigation on several substation sites and Transmission lines in consortium with Bp Contractors and Central testing laboratories

Services List
Topographical surveying
o Mapping by ground survey method for geological data and mineral Assessment
o Mapping by ground survey for construction and building sites
o Control survey for exploration and drilling program
o Quarrying surveys
o Landfill, waste disposal, tailings and tips surveys
o Borehole positioning and base map compilation

Mining Planning
o Survey for Mine planning and Designing in open pit
o Control of Mine development
o Production survey for update of run of mine
o Stock pile surveys
o Volumetric calculations

Underground Mine surveying
o Providing sites according to projections for future mining
o Performing surveys and checks to be used for mine mapping
o Outside surveys for surface facilities related to the underground mine
o Special surveys for equipment installations

Engineering Survey
o Road surveys
o Transmission and distribution lines and substation surveys
o Utility mapping
o Pipe line surveys
o Buildings site surveys
o Monitoring surveys

Property Surveying
o Control, lease boundary survey,
o Land development
o Sub divisions and associated resource consents
o Wayleave acquisition for Transmission lines Investigations
o Environmental impact Report
o stability assessment and geotechnical investigation
o Route and site selection for transmission lines and related substations.

Some Equipment
o Several Total stations
o Several Hand held Gps
o MobileMapper CX
o Magellan ProMark3 RTK with Fast Survey Dual Receiver
o 6204 XEROX wide format Plotter, scanner and printer etc.
o Power saws

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