Mitsubishi Electric, a world leader in technology solutions and an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Adroit Technologies, a privately held South African-based software development company and Centurion Systems Limited (CSL), a local technology transfer firm have come together in a strategic partnership to provide local manufacturers with technology-based services for a greater competitive edge making CSL the Authorized Distributor of Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation products in East Africa.

This partnership with Adroit Technologies, an award winning real-time software developer for the industrial automation markets will bring to the Kenyan market the number 1 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software in Africa and South Africa with M2M (Mind to Machine) technology, connecting machines seamlessly and consolidating their data with the relevant context models to make information available for business intelligence. The partnership provides the basis for greater productivity, flexibility and efficiency with technology-based services throughout the lifecycle of an industrial plant.

With improved technical capacity and capability, CSL hopes to provide the industrial sector with reliable and cost effective product/process development consulting services, efficient parts supply, solutions in maintenance and repairs and key among these technical training.

The partnership will also bring innovative solutions for off-grid projects for accessing safe drinking water in rural areas. For example, pumping solutions, energy solutions and remote monitoring capability to support the utility companies in power and water distribution.

Technology transfer capability will also be provided to universities and vocational institutions to promote systemic development at a national level through project based, modular training and competency based assessment.

To mark the start to this great and exciting partnership, CSL has invited key stakeholders in the industry, academia, water and agriculture and energy sector to an  MOU signing ceremony  scheduled in September.

Meetings with these sectors will pave way to an effective strategy in addressing productivity, efficiency and energy management through technology transfer. The ceremony will be a unique opportunity to demonstrate Mitsubishi Electric Technology and bring together manufacturer and end-user.

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