Increased demand for water treatment systems that can be deployed quickly in emergency situations or for temporary operations requires innovative and robust solutions. In response to this demand Davis & Shirtliff has expanding its range of Water Treatment Products and has introduced a range of Mobile water treatment systems that are ideal for fast response, emergency situations, supplemental, or temporary requirements.

Davis and Shirtliff has regionally pioneered these cost-effective and sustainable solutions to provide mobile water treatment solutions to accommodate a wide variety of feed sources including saline, turbid or highly mineralized water and producing clean drinking water. 

Completely assembled and tested at the company’s state of the art manufacturing facility, the systems can be set up for use in the most remote location within a very short period. The technologies used by Davis & Shirtliff, together with the experience, expertise and top-quality components ensure that the systems are simple to operate, sustainable with trouble-free operation. 

Davis & Shirtliff’s mobile solutions are available in custom configurations to meet specific treatment requirements. The systems use a variety of technologies depending on the customer’s feed water conditions, desired application and final product water quality requirements. 

Multi-media filtration, activated carbon filtration and ultrafiltration are used for highly turbid and silted water while Reverse Osmosis technology is used for highly mineralized or brackish water. In some cases, anti-scalants and chemicals may be used to address specific feed water conditions and operational circumstances.

Disinfection of the water to protect against microbial contamination is effected using either Chlorination or Ultra Violet light. 

A number of systems have already been delivered to a number of clients. Earlier in 2016 the British Army Training Unit based in Nanyuki requested for a containerized treatment unit to replace their existing outdated sand filtration system that would remove sediment and bacteria from the water being consumed in their camp and offices. Davis & Shirtliff was awarded the contract to design, build and install a containerized Ultrafiltration plant.

The plant was designed to provide 25,000l/hr of clean water and is based on the DOW IntegraPak ultrafiltration technology. It also incorporates a chlorine dosing system to ensure that water remains uncontaminated by microorganisms even after it leaves the plant.

The Ultrafiltration system is fully automated and incorporates a membrane cleaning system, pneumatic valves for automating the plant’s cycles and electronic flow meter which ensures accuracy of flow rate measurement. The plant control panel was designed and built by the Davis & Shirtliff Control & Instrumentation team with key features of the panel including:

• Constant pressure control of the feed water.

• Monitoring of transmembrane pressure to trigger maintenance alerts.

• Variable speed drives for feed water and backwash pumps for soft starting and set point control.

• Text Display for monitoring and control of plant by machine operators.

The whole system was built inside a robust corrosion resistant container fitted with an air conditioner.

In 2013, Davis and Shirtliff was awarded a contract to design and supply mobile water treatment units for the Rwanda Government for use in UN supported peace keeping operations in Mali and Congo. These units were fully designed and assembled to treat up to 2,000 litres of contaminated water per hour and were operated by diesel generators. The units incorporated a fully automatic back flushing mechanism to minimise maintenance and service costs.

In 2014 Davis & Shirtliff supplied mobile water treatment units to a client operating in South Sudan. The units combined both Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis and allowed the operators to choose between treating their water via Ultrafiltration up to a capacity of 5000 l/hr for surface water treatment or to use Reverse Osmosis up to a capacity of 2,000 l/hr for highly mineralized water. With on board diesel generators, these units produced clean drinking water under the most challenging of conditions and within the shortest time possible.

In 2015 Davis & Shirtliff supplied 6 containerized water treatment units for the Kenya government. The systems were designed to treat up to 4000 l/hr and have been deployed to provide emergency water treatment services to several counties in Kenya. Uniquely, the units are designed to run on either diesel generators or battery banks. Installation is made quick and easy through the use of high quality quick connect couplings, flexible hoses and plug and play connections. An added benefit is provision of collapsible water storage tanks that are packed within the enclosures and can be used store up to 5,000 litres of safe drinking water.

Mobile water treatment plants are a quick, reliable and cost effective solution to addressing the water crisis in Africa. Davis and Shirtliff’s branch network and reliable supply chain ensures that these units are serviceable and supported all across the East African Region, a true reflection of the company’s motto; water and energy solutions for Africa. 


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