Yes! You read that right …. this is a device that harvests free electricity by soaking up radiation. It was invented by a German student and it is capable of recharging a AA battery by gathering nearby energy. It can harvest ambient, environmental energy from almost any source including power lines and household electrical appliances.


Essentially, this is wireless power transfer. This invention was announced early in 2013 and the possible uses for this technology are vast indeed! It has been suggested that it could be used in the development of smartphones, making it possible to tap into surrounding environmental energy and charge your phone at any time.

This is a very interesting and exciting concept that is still being developed further. There is great potential here but there are still many questions to answer. How much ambient energy is actually available? Can this harvester be designed so that it can harvest more energy? Currently it is capable of harvesting enough power to charge one AA battery per day. Can several of them be used in conjunction to harvest more power?

Hopefully we will find out the answers to these questions in the near future, this is definitely a concept that is worth watching!

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