General Electric (GE) plans to construct a 100MW wind power farm in Kajiado County early next year. The power project will be operational within 18 months after its completion.The project will be located in Kipeto area, Kajiado County, will cost about KES 26.7 billion (USD 300 million) to build. Construction is set to commence once all financial details are laid out as early as 2015.

The project partners involved are the World’s Bank investment arm, International Finance Corporation and Craftskills Wind Energy International Limited, a Kenyan renewable energy company.

Meanwhile, Energy Regulatory Commission reports that the cost of electricity as at November has hit a four year low. The commission attributes the drop to the injection of 140MW of geothermal power into the national grid system and availability of cheap fuel. With low power prices, investors will invest more into the Kenyan economy and businesses will open up.

The Government of Kenya plans to expand its power generation with 5,000MW by 2017 from about 1,700MW to reduce power black outs and cut on high power tariffs.

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