General Motors plans to introduce Cadillac models with improved communications technology, hands-free driving and Wi-Fi enabled vehicle-to-vehicle in the next two years. The model has the ability to exchange traffic information with similarly equipped vehicles.


GM’s semi-automated technology will automatically keep a vehicle in a specific, properly equipped freeway lane, making necessary steering and speed adjustments in bumper-to-bumper traffic or long highway trips.

This feature which was revealed in 2012 is expected to debut in a high-end Cadillac in 2016 on a 2017 model, and will eventually run down to other GM brands.

With its unique vehicle to vehicle technology, traffic congestion will reduce as vehicles will be able to detect basic safety information such as location, speed and direction of travel if they are approaching each other.  Drivers using this technology will need to be keen on the road and take control of the vehicle.

In conclusion, in May 2014, Goggle developed a two-seater prototype vehicle with a steering wheel, an accelerator and a brake pedal. The car uses built-in sensors and a software system to safely manoeuvre in highways and city streets. 

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Source: C/net




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