HVAC at Hotpoint
The AC department started 10 years ago and today it has grown into a full fledge HVAC Division with the main focus on both residential & commercial projects on a turn key basis. We currently provide global brands such as LG, Stulz and System Air with more to come.  We have: teams of highly trained Engineers, Designers and Technicians in Nairobi and Mombasa, fully equipped Service Centers to cater for after sales customer service and the largest HVAC spare parts store in the Country.

We are the only HVAC Company that has an Air Conditioning academy in the Country, in liaison with LG Electronics. We provide the latest HVAC equipments, installation materials, tools & equipments etc. with a keen focus on energy efficiency, high performance, durability and modern designs. We are currently installing over 20 sites such as JKIA Airport, UNHCR Building, 5 Star Red Court Hotel and many more.

Solar Solutions
“Every hour the sun provides more energy than mankind consumes in the whole year!” Hotpoint not only enhances your lifestyle with household items, but is also committed to make your world a better place to live. We feel that it is vital to use all possibilities in our energy scope to generate heat and electricity. One of the possibilities is to use the abundant and inexhaustible Solar Energy. With quality solar products from Europe and Asia, and innovative individual solutions, we are ready to take on our collective challenge for a greener and cleaner world.

LED Lighting

We bring to you the lighting of the future. Generating and harvesting clean energy is one of the equation; the other part is the efficient use of that energy. Our energy Management solutions make sure that what you attain and store from our solar panels is used efficiently and completely. LED Lighting is an efficient and durable lighting solution that allows you to be creative in designing concepts; it achieves maximum brightness at lowest wattage, comfortable to the eye and very long lasting.

Individual Solutions Comprise of Complete Security concepts like the Electric Gate kit. Each item matches the system perfectly.

Our security product range gives you a peace of mind. The old cliché ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ holds true.

Our CCTV, Access Control and Individual Solutions guarantee that your home, business and lives are secured with our wide range of security equipments.

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