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Dreamt by the architect, fulfilled by the engineer.

An adage goes, the architects dream it and the engineers bring it to reality! These two go hand in-hand, each works off each other as part of the professional and implementation requirements.

One such case is the English Point Marina, off the super, high end Mombasa old port. EPM is one of the few classic marines in Africa and one that every engineer will agree is an awesome object of beauty and engineering.

From the design to the landscape, the furnishing and finishing, these high-end houses are an incredible piece of paradise in an already luxurious setting! Overlooking the Indian Ocean, EPM is surrounded by the old port on one side and the historically beautiful Fort Jesus. The board extends to the shore allowing the marina to host small size ships as well as boats.
The current project which was launched in 2010 is scheduled for completion in December this year.

Interesting facts about the English Point Marina
•    Underground parking stretching beneath the three buildings.
•    Docking for ships with luxury amenities such as Internet, TV, power, fueling services
•    Going green: The Marina’s water reservoir, which is under the parking, has its own purifying and recycling system. The marina utilizes water collected from rainwater, recycled and water from the regional distributor.
•    Inline with the high-end nature of the estate, majority of the fittings are tailor-imported and just require installation and fixing upon arrival.
•    Every house has been designed to allow a view of the ocean.
•    The houses are furnished the latest cooking technology, induction cooking as well as refrigerator technology.
Good engineering is well thought, keenly implored and greatly praised.

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