The Mwache Multi-purpose Dam Development Project is on course towards implementation after the central Government secured a loan for its implementation from the World Bank. This dam is a priority investment by the Government as a flagship project of Vision 2030.  The project was conceived under the former Ministry of Regional Development Authorities (MoRDA) through the Coast Development Authority (CDA) working in partnership with Coast Water Services Board (CWSB). The main user of the water is Mombasa County, through the Mombasa Water and Sewerage Company (MOWASCO). The project is also set to lead to 2000 ha of land under irrigation in Kilifi County. 

The dam site is located across the Mwache River at the Fulugani village, Kwale County, about 22 km west of the city of Mombasa. The Coast Water Supply Master Plan has identified the dam as a necessary project for both Mombasa and Kwale County water security.  The World Bank is the preferred lender for the project.

Water Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho signed the water purchase agreement in a ceremony witnessed by World Bank director Junaid Ahmad in Paris on 2 December 2016. This was done in the sidelines of the UN Climate Conference in Paris. The government of Kenya secured from the World Bank a $200 million funding for the implementation of the Mwache Dam project.

Dam and Irrigation

World Bank documents show that the proposed dam is a concrete gravity dam with height of 77.9m-crest length of 425 m and with a reservoir capacity of 118 million m3. Irrigation Infrastructure and agriculture productivity improvements pilot is also included in the project feasibility study.

The project entails an irrigation sub component in an area of 100ha. The objective of the demonstration pilot is to test the introduction of high value crops, high efficiency irrigation technologies and institutional arrangements for replication on a broader scale. Eventually, the results of the pilot will be used for final design of a larger 2,000 ha high value crops irrigation scheme to be implemented nearby Mwache dam and elsewhere in Kwale County

Kwale and Mombasa Counties are provided water from four main sources including Baricho Water Works in Malindi providing 47,000 m3 /day, Mzima Springs providing 35,000m3/day, Marere River providing 6,9003 per day and Tiwi boreholes producing 3,9003 per day. The sources provide only 35% of the total water demand of the city. The total demand for Mombasa City is estimated to be about 206,000m3 per day but only 92,800m3 per day is available. 

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