An engineer’s innovation ability is not limited in application; it applies even in the kitchen. Picture this, a machine that gets your ugali prepared. Crazy, right? Well, that’s how “wild” an engineer’s mind can get.

A student engineer in Kisumu Polytechnic designed a machine that upon a text prompting can prepare your ugali.

In the morning as you leave the house and you’re set to eat ugali in the evening, set the machine and have the flour in one of the sections and water on the other. A few meters from home as you pick the vegetables to eat with some ugali, send a text message to prompt the gas to open and start heating. Water pours into the ‘sufuria’ and is heated to a set degree. The machine then starts adding flour consecutively as it stirs it up. A few minutes of mixing and heating, the ugali is ready. Get to the house, prepare your vegetables and serve your ugali.

The AWEsome team was not able to sample some ugali made by the machine but those who have, assured us that it was well made.

Never underestimate the mind of an engineer! It may be crazy to a normal man but in the engineering world, it’s called AWEsome innovation!

Just as any other institution has a history and a trail of milestones seen through the years, Kisumu Polytechnic is no different. It started off as a secondary institution and upgraded to a polytechnic in 1997.

The institution has 10 departments ranging from Electrical, Locomotive & Mechanical Engineering; Applied Sciences; Hospitality; Business; Social Development.

The institution offers most of its courses under the curricular base of modules. Here, students get awarded certificates upon completion of every module and they can use that to search for employment. They can later get back to class and continue with where they left off. This, the Principal, Ms. Joyce said was a student friendly system.

The most attractive courses for Kisumu Poly are Civil and Building Engineering as well as Electrical Engineering having registered the greatest number of students at every intake. Ms. Joyce however noted that there were challenges to get equipment for the laboratories for these courses.

A new workshop  is however being constructed for the institution by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and with good equipments fitted in, “Students will have more hands-on experience and this will avoid re-training after the students go out,” notes the principle.

Like in most engineering institutions in the country, the number of girls enrolled in Kisumu Poly is less compared to that of men. The male gender is dominant in this field. Ms.Joyce however notes that girls are as well capable of performing as men. Last year, she said, their best student in Civil and building engineering class was a female student.

The institution in August this year received their ISO Certification. There are a lot of new buildings being set-up in the institution’s compound depicting a growing institution. Ms.Joyce pointed out that they look forward to upgrading to a university in the near future and expanding the more.

Source: Project AWEsome Files

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