With wireless internet growing at a fast rate, Safaricom is set to start building its own 4G network technology in two weeks. This development will commence once Safaricom has signed a KES 14.9 billion security communication contract with the government within two weeks, giving it access to additional frequencies.

4G network is a popular Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technology worldwide which offers high speed internet and improved video streaming capacities. This move places Safaricom at a greater edge against its rivals by gaining additional frequencies from the State.

Safaricom will set up the 4G networks in two phases, one in Nairobi and Mombasa for security communications and the other for commercial activities in 15 cities. In addition, Safaricom has finalized the installation of fibre optic cables in Nairobi to upgrade its 2G and 3G networks to 4G networks.

Without government’s support, Safaricom is expected to come up with a system for surveillance, analytics, command and control police operations in Nairobi and Mombasa on its own capital expense. From this, the government will pay Safaricom on annual basis once the network is operational.




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