Kenya’s first docu-drama TV Series – about the world around us – to air on NTV.

‘Everything around you has been engineered in some way!’ This is the simple but true statement that inspires the much-anticipated docu-drama TV series based on the impact of engineering in Kenya: the Amazing World of Engineering, simply known as Awesome.

The 10-part series episodes portray a sector of engineering and are shot in over 200 locations across the country and layered with film and photo archives to tell the story of world, we have created around us, as influenced by engineering. The sectors range from energy to agriculture, transport and communication, water and industry, manufacturing and housing: Awesome will mark the first time that a National Geographic-style documentary has been done in Kenya for local consumption.

Commissioning the Series’ microsite,, IEK Chairman, Engineer Julius Riungu, told journalists that “the show celebrates the true heroes of Kenya: the men and women who have continued to work tirelessly to make things happen and will continue to be at the forefront of solving social problems through technology and innovation.” 

It is no surprising, therefore, that the show’s episodes loosely resemble a walking poster of Vision 2030 but in the year 2013; bringing out the impact of all the development and infrastructural milestones that the engineering sector has had in Kenya’s socio-economic space, while asking the right questions. “It is very appropriate that the series kicks off during Kenya’s 50th anniversary celebrations, as so much has been done and much more is expected based on growing technologies and stakeholder investment in these sectors.” Said Eng. Riungu

Commenting on the on going filming, the show’s producer, Justus Tharao said, “We are telling a powerful, entertaining, and uplifting story, and we wanted it to come from the engineers. For entertainment purposes, we have chosen to tell this story from the perspective of the results we can see and touch in order to bring out a believable and emotional narrative that resonates with Kenyans. And just like in any other world-class documentaries, Awesome is about more than just processes and accomplishments. It is story worth telling.”

The series is produced by NTV will air at the same station every Saturday at 6.30pm, starting November 30, 2013. Many industry players are expected to contribute to the material content, by providing interviews and shots for the 10-part TV show.

NTV presents, in association with The Institution of Engineers of Kenya, “The Amazing World of Engineering” AWESOME, with Intercontinental Publishers, based on the ’40 years of Engineering progress in Kenya.

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