‘Kenya’s first ever non-fiction documentary show about engineering, technology and innovation.’

The Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) and Intercontinental Publishers LTD (IPL) have commissioned the production and airing of AWEsome season III. This is the premier engineering reality show in Africa today. 

The Institution of Engineers of Kenya and Intercontinental Publishers Limited have announced the renewal of a partnership to produce and air Kenya’s first engineering TV series, the Amazing World of Engineering. This is on the backdrop the successful completion of AWEsome season I & II. 

The twenty-four minutes English TV program will air on the national TV, NTV for 10 consecutive weeks, and each episode tackling different themes in engineering field. Like previous seasons of AWEsome, Season III will be available online through AWEsome YouTube channel.

The 10 episodes show will air major projects in engineering fields; energy, water, industry, roads, communication, transport, agriculture, business & finance, housing and education. These episodes are scripted not only to educate but also to entertain whilst providing inspiration on the possibilities available to make better lives for all Kenyans. 

The third season focuses on the specific major projects in the region, some of these mega projects include: the Standard Gauge Railway, the Road Annuity projects, Northern Frontier water aquifer and the LAPSSET corridor. 

Booker Ngesa, the Executive Director of AWEsome announced that the filming for the show is taking place in more than 100 locations in Kenya.

The show celebrates the true heroes of Kenya: the men and women who have continued to work tirelessly to make big things happen and who will continue to be at the forefront of solving social problems through technology and innovation.

Intercontinental Publishers Limited (IPL) is one of Africa’s leading broad-based publisher and media firm. IPL’s strengths are in technical and professional journals and television documentaries. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, the company publishes Kenya Engineer magazine, the definitive publication for engineers in East Africa and beyond since 1972 (www.iplbusiness.co.ke.)

The Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) is the learned society of the engineering profession in Kenya, committed to developing and applying engineering to the benefit of humanity. (www.iekenya.org)



Name: AWEsome 

Season: III

Episodes: 10

Duration: 24 minutes 

Language: English

National TV: NTV

Grand Launch: Sankara

Production House: Intercontinental Publishers LTD


Contact AWEsome Team 

Telephone: 0719207712/ 020 444 36 49/50 

Email: info@kenyaengineer.co.ke



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