The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority continues to demonstrate its commitment to East African hub development and liberalisation of the African airspace.  The Authority recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the African Airports Evolution Forum, a platform set to revolutionise the face of African aviation through access to next generation technology and proven airport commercialisation strategies.

Colonel (retired) Hilary K. Kioko, Director General of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, will open the African Airports Evolution Forum this October in Nairobi, Kenya with a Keynote address focussing on air transport liberalisation for the region.  In response to shifting international safety and security standards, Africa’s airport and aviation leaders are striving for enhanced cross-border collaboration in order to develop the infrastructure and security protocols necessary to accommodate growing international traffic.

Barry Kashambo, Executive Director of the Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency (CASSOA) in Uganda will also lend his expertise to the discussion as more than 150 aviation industry executives converge to define the scale of planned development for airports across Africa.  Meeting new levels of passenger and cargo demand through the rehabilitation of airport facilities or through the development of new infrastructure is a top priority for African aviation stakeholders who wish to remain competitive both locally and globally.

Africa is currently the third fastest growing region in the world in terms of air traffic, exhibiting an average annual growth rate of 6.1%.  Demand for passenger traffic has increased by 45% while demand for air freight traffic has increased by 80% in recent years and these numbers are still rising.  Designed in conjunction with an industry panel of experts, the African Airports Evolution Forum serves Africa’s strengths as a developing economic region by providing its burgeoning civil aviation industry with solutions for managing airport expansion, effective terminal and runway design and African airspace.  

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority is joined by the Kenya Investment Authority, The Global Transport Forum, The Institution of Engineers Tanzania, The Banjul Accord Group Aviation Safety Oversight Organisation (BAGASOO) and the Kenya Tourism Board in support of this initiative to take African air carriers and airports to new heights in operational efficiencies and competitiveness.  The forum is sponsored by Egis Avia, Thales ATM, Touchwork and Youyang Airport Lighting Equipment Inc and provides a dedicated platform for collaboration amidst African aviation stakeholders to design and develop airports that meet the new compliance, capacity and efficiency demands arising out of 21st century aviation.  Soren Du Preez, Programme Director from Hypenica, the organisers of the Forum, says, “Airport expansion is now a top priority in Sub-Saharan Africa because a dynamic and systematic transportation mode to connect countries on the continent holds the key to unlocking Africa’s economic potential.”




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