It is the 31st of March 2023. The month of march ends as anti-government demonstrations in Nairobi and other opposition strongholds are stepped up across Kenya. Kenyans are demonstrating against, among other things, the runaway cost of living. Here are three top stories that made headlines this week.

For starters, Wartsila announced the successful testing of the capabilities of a Wartsila engine running on 25% hydrogen-blended fuel. This is important because Wartsila’s flexible engine power plants are a key enabler of Africa’s renewable energy ambitions, as they balance the intermittency of renewables to safeguard the power grid. Technological progress to enable such power plants to run on green hydrogen rather than Gas or Heavy Fuel Oil will be essential to the completion of Africa’s Energy transition going forward.

Elsewhere, the standard Chartered bank in collaboration with Strathmore university and @IBizAfrica launched a USD 175,000 women in tech program. This is the 6th cohort of the Incubator program which aims at championing more diversity in technology and advancing entrepreneurial and leadership excellence for women-led businesses. The 6th cohort will see 15 applicants participate in a 12-week incubation program with 7 women led startups receiving seed funding.

Finally, we are keeping an eye on the ongoing conflict with Kenya’s Borana people on one end and Netflix and Meta on the other over the carbon trading schemes used by the two giant corporations. The Northern kenya Grassland Carbon Project is run by the Northern Rangelands Trust. A recently published survival International report claimed that the project relied on breaking down the indigenous people’s traditional grazing practices and had not received their free, prior and informed consent.

Stay on the channel as we keep an eye on these and other developing stories through the weeked and onto next week.


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