The third volume of the ‘Kenya Engineers Year Book’(AWEbook) 2020/21 is now in circulation.

AWEbook showcases the engineering contributions and hallmarks that currently reflect Kenya’s heritage. The Book captures the construction of Kenya’s outstanding buildings, defining agricultural projects, ICT, Housing, Education, Transport and Financial technologies among other developments.

Engineers in Kenya have made significant milestones since independence and it is imperative to showcase them, as Kenya comprises different generations that need to appreciate their history.

Engineers in Kenya have been instrumental in the development projects cumulatively valued at more than Kshs 1 Trillion in various economic sectors.

Volume 3 of AWEbook is divided into chapters that will cover diverse topics such as: energy, water, industry, roads, communication, transport, agriculture, business & finance, housing, education and more.

Kenya has celebrated engineering minds that have developed game changing solutions that are slowly but surely pushing us towards becoming a middle income economy. We have come of age to showcase our engineering developments as the world economies become more competitive and innovative. As an engineering fraternity, we are ecstatic to be part of Kenya’s and we will use the TV series to showcase the developments that the engineering sector has achieved thus far.

Kenya’s growth through the years has been largely supported by private sector investments with distinct engineering elements, with major projects springing up in the mining, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing, transport and ICT sectors.

With sound national development blueprints such as Vision 2030 and now the Big Four Agenda, we will undoubtedly achieve our growth plans especially with the current level of government allocated resources towards improving infrastructure in counties, cities and urban centres.

As the saying goes, ‘Everything around you has been engineered in some way,’ so it applies even in Kenya.

Everyday, engineers work tirelessly to transform Kenya and present solutions that make our lives comfortable; from the obvious, engineering feats such as roads, buildings, dams, houses and other infrastructure.

We are beneficiaries of engineering solutions sometimes customized for local use every time we do simple everyday things such as making a phone call, travelling, sleeping, working, eating, drinking and even what we wear.

We hope you will enjoy this book, a supplement to the bi-monthly magazine, “The Kenya Engineer.” This book provides critical timelines and excellent reporting on up-to-date engineering developments and projects. It is an authoritative, informative and useful publication for engineers, educators and politicians.

The book is retailing at ksh 3,500 inclusive of delivery charges within the country(Kenya) and you can obtain a copy by calling +254727099133 or e-mail


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