Ministry of Energy and Petroleum plans to construct a 500MW natural gas plant in Hadado, Wajir County after discovering natural reserve gas in the county.

 Africa Oil, a Canadian firm is presently conducting an assessment of the well to determine the immense gas deposits in Wajir. The gas plant is estimated at 1.8 trillion cubic metres covering an area of 200,000 square kilometers. In July 2014, Kenya announced the discovery of commercial gas in Wajir after a successful study was carried out in Hadado.

In addition, the earlier proposed plan to construct a 700MW Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant in Mombasa, Dongo Kundu has been put on hold at the moment as a new tender process is carried out. The gas plant was part of government initiative to add 5,000MW to the 1,664MW but bidders didn’t meet the set criteria required.

Meanwhile, oil and gas exploration at Badada location in Wajir County has received opposition from a local indigenous community protesting that it was not actively involved in consultations over the project.

Canadian firm, Taipan Resource Incorporation, is to carry out exploration activities in Badada Block 2B in Wajir.

With oil and gas exploration ongoing across the country, it is evident that high power and electricity costs will go down to improve the infrastructure sector.

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