The World Water Day 2017 was marked on March, 22 2017 at Mecheo Secondary School in Nyamira County. This year’s theme was ‘Water and Waste Water. Established in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly, the day serves as an occasion for the global community to come together and focus attention on the importance of access to clean water and the need for sustainable management of freshwater resources.

The country continues to grapple to attain its universal water coverage by 2030 amid the celebrations. The water coverage presently stands at 55 per cent indicating that a large number of Kenyans, approximately 45 per cent of the population lack access to clean and safe water for drinking both in the rural and urban areas.

A statement released by Water and Irrigation CS, Eugene Wamalwa to mark World Water day said that there are numerous developmental challenges that have put pressure on the government to manage the water resources, provide sustainable access to safe water, sewerage systems, and basic sanitation for the population. Thus, all efforts are being geared towards availability of adequate resources and satisfactory services for current and future generations.

“The National Government, County Governments and development partners are implementing projects all over the country to ensure that access to clean water is enhanced in line with vision 2030, constitution of Kenya and other policy guidelines,” Wamalwa stated.

In November 2016, Twaweza East Africa released a survey showing 68 per cent of the Kenyan population have been forced to use improved water sources to be able to access safe drinking water.  When it comes to county government delivery of water services to residents, the poll states that two in every three households treat water before drinking. Also, three in four households harvest rainwater to supplement other sources whilst a majority of users of rainwater as a main or supplementary source say it only last them a week.

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