Africa is brimming with airport expansion and development. Airports are gateways into nations, acting as trans-shipment centres for international trade, providing enormous advantages in mobility and development over those nations or cities without an airport.
African air traffic is projected to grow at a rate of 5,4% per annum over the next 20 years, propelling expansion projects across the continent.  Some of the most dynamic developments now underway on the continent are taking place in East Africa.   Kenya is currently implementing a $208 million expansion project at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and recently unveiled an additional $655 million plan for a new terminal at the airport. Tanzania is undertaking a $200 million expansion of Julius Nyerere International Airport and Uganda just recently announced a $400 million project to expand and modernise Entebbe International Airport. 

In complement to its abundant airport expansion initiatives, East Africa also sets the stage for the premiere African Airports Evolution Forum, a strategic  initiative brought to life by a distinguished panel of aviation industry experts and a supported by consortium of 5 strategic partners including the Banjul Accord Group Aviation Safety Oversight Organisation (BAGASOO), the Global Transport Forum, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, the Kenya Investment Authority, and the Institution of Engineers Tanzania.

Colonel (rtd) Hilary K. Kioko, Director General of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority will deliver the Keynote address at the event and explore opportunities for air transport liberalisation in Africa.  The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority is the host partner for the event and as one of the pioneers of regional airspace development, a pivotal player in the African civil aviation industry.  “The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority looks forward to demonstrating its commitment to the development and innovation of African aviation at the forum,” says Colonel Kioko of the African Airports Evolution Forum.

Decorated aviation industry veterans from across Africa will be in Nairobi this October to join in the tactical discussion and determine the next wave of innovation and development for African aviation at the African Airports Evolution Forum.  Emmanuel A. Akatue, Executive Director of the Banjul Accord Group Aviation Safety Oversight Organisation (BAGASOO) in Nigeria will be in attendance to offer insights into regional hub development occurring in West Africa and Cornwell Muleya, CEO of Air Uganda will highlight how the airline is successfully driving traffic to the region.

Airports across Africa are competing for traffic by developing world class runways and terminals but it is imperative that they adopt next generation systems that are flexible enough to accommodate shifting future requirements.  “It is inspiring to learn that the African Airports Evolution Forum provides a meeting point for key industry stakeholders from around the continent to discuss aviation infrastructure and related issues, particularly at a time when it has become necessary to appraise the current status within the region and fashion out ways to re-position the industry to effectively utilise existing potentials and keep pace in a constantly changing global aviation environment,” offers Emmanuel A. Akatue, Executive Director of BAGASOO in Nigeria.

The forum is sponsored by Egis Avia and Touchwork and provides a dedicated platform for collaboration amidst African aviation stakeholders to design and develop airports that meet the new compliance, capacity and efficiency demands arising out of 21st century aviation.


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