Last year’s champions Algeria drew with Sierra Leone just a few days ago in a qualifying match for AFCON 2022.

This came as a huge shock to many, as most people assumed Algeria would have little to no problems in this match-up, with many thinking they would beat Sierra Leone with flying colours.

Whether or not this assumption was just is entirely up for debate, and in fact, many argue that Sierra Leone could have even gone on to win the match.

In this article, we will be talking about Algeria’s draw with Sierra Leone in the AFCON 2022 qualifiers, as well as taking a look at what caused last year’s champions to lose their footing so early on in the competition.

One Of The Toughest Qualifiers Ever

Many people seem to think that Algeria drawing with Sierra Leone spells bad news for last year’s champions, with most thinking they would be able to get past them with ease.

However, this may not be the case. The qualifiers truly were brutal this year, and even seasoned teams like Algeria had trouble making their way through unscathed.

Moreover, the fact that Algeria managed to draw with Sierra Leone should not be taken as an argument against Algeria, but rather a point towards Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone is certainly no pushover this year, and just like all of the other teams that participated in AFCON 2022, they truly put in the hard work and dedication to get there.

Sure, if you were to check out 10bet DRC, they might not have the best odds.

Although it is critical to remember that odds are not a true 1:1 representation of reality, Sierra Leone should not be as overlooked as it currently is.

Even when taking a look at Sierra Leone’s recent draw with Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone more than stood their own, and it would not have been out of reach for them to push forward and claim victory.

Does Algeria Have What It Takes To Go All The Way?

Now that 10bet launched in Kenya, we can get a much better idea as to what odds are really worth paying attention to.

On 10Bet, Algeria is leading the pack, with them having some of the best odds even when compared to other top-tier teams.

Although, the question of whether or not this reputation is deserved is up for debate, and if we are going by how things are going this year, this trust may be misplaced.

Algeria is in a tough spot in the AFCON, and it seems as though they are struggling in every match they play.

That’s not to say that Algeria is in any way a bad team. On the contrary, they are undoubtedly one of the best.

The fact that they are struggling only goes to show just how tough the competition is this year, and if the winners of last year are struggling to even get by, you can bet that other teams are too.

In reality, the only reason why Algeria is cited as one of the favourites to win currently is mainly due to them being the previous victors.

Many people assume they are a safe bet to go with since they are tried and tested, and there is no doubt that their former win will give some level of confidence.

Things may not be going too well for Algeria right now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a shot at winning.

The Future Of AFCON 2022

This year has been one of the most exciting AFCON’s ever, and whomever the victors end up being, they will have certainly been put through their paces.

Apart from just Algeria, another common favourite to win is Senegal, and when compared to Algeria’s current performance, Senegal is looking to be winning the race.

The question as to who the winners of AFCON 2022 are going to be is still up in the air, and there are many candidates that are looking super strong at the moment.

What are your thoughts on the topic?

Do you think Algeria didn’t happen to be on their A-game and gave Sierra Leone a lucky break, or perhaps you even think that Siera played the better side?

Either way, it was certainly an interesting game.

We will soon see which one of the teams happens to make it deeper in the competition, and only after that, will all questions be answered.


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