Characterized by a high level of physical contact between the players, rugby is a sport that’s been growing in popularity over the last two decades. Today, the game has several variations, with the Fifteen Rugby being among the most popular. There is also the League Rugby which comprises of 13 players and the Sevens Rugby which has seven players on each side. The rugby sevens is already an Olympic sport, though there are also other variations like touch rugby, underwater rugby, and beach rugby.

Here’s everything you must learn to understand rugby:

Rugby History

As a sport, is believed to have been introduced to the world in the early 19th century (1823) when 16-year-old William Webb Ellis took the ball in his hands and ran with it. That was in total disregard of the rule of football, popular at the time, thus creating the distinctive rugby game. However, it wasn’t until 1839 when the first rugby team was established in Cambridge by Arthur Pell.

The game continued to grow in different parts of England and soon spread to other parts of the world. That saw the first international game played in 1871 where Scotland beat England by one to one goal and a single try. Today, the game is played in most countries across the world, with betting companies like Betway allowing fans to place their wagers on their favorite teams. By using the Betway online rugby betting platform, you can easily place your wagers while on the go and enjoy great odds for in-play betting.

The Basics

In a rugby game, two teams play for an average of 80-minutes per game using an oval ball. The number of players may vary depending on the type of game, but the entire team is divided into Forwards and backs. The forwards tend to be the stronger and masculine players that can fight for the ball possession, while the backs are known for being fast and agile players usually suited for scoring ties.

During the game, the players can run or kick the ball forward, but they are only allowed to pass the ball backward. Here are a few ways to score:

  • A team earns five points by scoring a try. That involves grounding the ball over the opponent’s goal area.
  • A team gets two points for a successful conversion. That means the team can add more points after getting the five points through a try. However, the scoring player needs to kick the ball through the opponent’s goal post.
  • Three points are awarded if a penalty is awarded and a player successfully kicks the ball through the opponent’s post. The team that also performs a drop-kick also gets three points for dropping the ball on the ground and successfully kicking it through the post.

2019 Rugby World Cup

The ninth Rugby World Cup will be held in Japan from late September to early November. That’s the first time that the tournament will be held in Asia and also the only time it has been held outside the traditional rugby union heartland. You can catch the opening match live at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo, while the last match is scheduled to be played at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama.

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