Apex Steel; the pioneers in the manufacture of Deformed Bars that meet international standards of BS: 4449 and conform to local ISO standards – Kenyan ISO 6935 – 2 are making inroads in the distribution of their Deformed Bars into the Kenyan retail market. 

With the new KEBS regulation; twisted bars will not be sold in Kenya with effect from 1st. April 2017. This new directive will now ensure that even the smallest of structures will have the opportunity to be built with the steel that conforms to global standards and design.

APEX TMX is manufactured under technical license from German Engineering. This high end process ensures the Deformed Bar Steel meets the highest specification of international standards. As a consequence of the consistency in the quality of product manufactured and supplied; iconic sites; infrastructure projects; residential complexes and the independent home builder continues to subscribe to APEX TMX as it delivers against the promise of ‘Quality’. 

The standard weights as allowable by KEBS are as follows. 


The KEBS allowable tolerances are +/- 6% for D8mm and +/- 4.5% for the other sizes. 

Apex Steel is the only company that manufactures D 40mm in Kenya. This is essentially used for high rise buildings. 

Apex Steel prides itself in staying ahead by providing sustainable solutions for Construction and Engineering. APEX TMX is the only Deformed Bar that is ‘LEED’ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified; making it the only steel in East and Central Africa that is ‘Green Steel’. The French Embassy is a Green Project where APEX TMX was used. Other Developers and Consultants who seek materials for ‘Green Projects’ are using APEX TMX.

Apex Steel has another ‘first’ to offer; a facility that is not commonly available within the region. ‘Cut and Bend’ services on all the Deformed Bar sizes including the D 40mm can facilitate construction projects; saving time and money. Information available from Contractor experiences suggests that based on sizes and designs; the use of ‘Cut and Bend’ ensures the overall requirement of steel is reduced by approximately 11%. One can imagine the financial impact of this facility when high-rise structures are being built. More and more contractors are seeking this service that Apex Steel is able to offer within 48 hours; precision ‘Cut and Bend’ as per the BBS (Bar Bending Schedule); delivered to site.

Apex Steel has now pioneered the supply of Bartec Couplers for Deformed Bars. Couplers are an effective and an efficient alternative to the conventional ‘overlap’. This has several structural benefits on concrete compacting; transfer of load; integrity of the continuity; safety at the site; time savings in terms of speed of execution and savings of upto 15% in some of the Coupler sizes when compared to the overlaps. Some progressive Developers and Engineers have chosen to introduce ‘couplers’ for their projects in place of the conventional approaches.

Apex Water manufactures PVC and HDPE under technical license from Wavin Overseas. Unlike most pipes in the market; the stringent testing equipment and the process ensures the PPR; PVC and HDPE products are world class.

Apex Steel; rightly so offers you the ‘Power to Build’.          


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