There has been constant complains with congestion at the weighbridges that have seen trailers block traffic flow along the busy highways. In a move to curb this, the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) has issued guidelines to facilitate cargo movement on the Northern Corridor, Mombasa-Malaba road.

The statement released by KeNHA indicates;

-Custom sealed containerized transit cargo to be weighed at the first weighbridge encountered after leaving the port/point of loading and at the last weighbridge at point of exit from the border.

-Vehicles established to be overloaded on the Axle but are within the prescribed Gross Vehicle Weights as per the Axle configurations shall be allowed to redistribute its cargo to within tolerance before being re-weighed and allowed to proceed without being charged. However, any vehicle which is overloaded on the Axle and Axle Group and cannot redistribute its cargo to within allowable tolerance shall be charged.

-An allowance of 5per cent has been granted on the legal Axle and Axle Group Weights Limits to take care of possible movement of cargo while on transit.

The cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure, Eng.S.Kamau had earlier pointed his concern in regard to the weighbridges and pointed that the weighbridges were a major contributor to port inefficiency.The government has however promised to modernize the weighbridges to fasten the process.

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