The late Prof. F. M Luti

Until his death in April of 2016, Prof. Felix M. Luti was a Professor, at the Department of Mechanical, and Manufacturing Engineering. He served as the Chairman of the department from 1989 to 1992. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with B.A.Sc., Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering between 1963 – 1972.

His areas of specialisation were in Thermo-Fluids. He conducted his research in combustion (mass fires and diffusion flames) and energy in general, including solar, energy management, biomass, wind, microhydro, etc. During his almost five decades career as a lecturer, he focused in thermodynamics, heat transfer, energy management, and air-conditioning and refrigeration. Besides lecturing, He also consulted on; Mechanical engineering building services, and technical education. His latest initiation was research in high temperature air gasification of biomass.

In his expansive career he published on; Combustion (mass fires – analytical and finite difference computer modelling, diffusion (flames), Solar energy, Technical education, and Energy in general. He managed to write two textbooks on thermodynamics.


He was active in the National Academy of Sciences and the Institution of Engineers, and the Engineers Registration Board.  He was on the editorial board of several refereed journals. At the time of his passing on, he was a Fellow at the Institution of Engineers of Kenya (FIEK).

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