Cement is used in 65% to 75% of all construction projects in Africa and demand for the commodity is on the rise in the sub-Saharan region.   In Nigeria the cement industry has grown by 95.6% since 2005 and in Kenya cement consumption per capita has increased 60% over the past five years.

The scale of this burgeoning industry is reflected at the Totally Concrete Expo, where cement and construction industry magnates are convening this May for access to government stakeholders and investors who can facilitate commercial access into Africa’s high growth markets.  During round table discussions held at Totally Concrete, East African personalities such as HE Vincent Karega, High Commissioner of the Embassy of Rwanda and Eng. Daniel Manduku, CEO of Kenya’s National Construction Authority provide invaluable insight into doing construction business in the African marketplace.

News of Africa’s growing cement demand is already worldwide, attracting international and multinational players who are ready to pump millions of dollars into new projects in the sub-Saharan region.Totally Concrete provides an outlet for construction business development for new entrants into the African marketplace by offering practical insight into managing daily operations in the African context.  WouterTrollip, Project Manager from Consolidated General Minerals (CGM) in Mozambique will highlight the requirements and obstacles to building a cement plant in Africa and Brett Botha, Lead Principal for Infrastructure at Nedbank Group South Africa will educate participants with proven exit strategies for high growth, high risk markets.

Incorporating both strategic and technical elements, Totally Concrete has practical tools and techniques for all professionals active in producing cement or using concrete, is endorsed by over 60 industry associations and sponsored by PPC, Lafarge, AfriSam, CCS, PMSA, Reimer, Nyeleti Consulting and WBHO.www.totallyconcrete.co.za

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