Davis and Shirtliff, Kenya’s leading water and energy solutions provider, has unveiled a partnership with international water company Dow Water and Process Solutions that will see the incorporation of high-tech water treatment solutions to meet the need for safe and affordable drinking water. Dow Water and Process Solutions will provide its high technology Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis products to Davis and Shirtliff, complementing the Kenyan multinational’s offering of unique water solutions for both homes and institutions. 


Reverse Osmosis is a technique that uses semi permeable membranes to filter solvents, bacteria and viruses out of water. The membranes remove virtually all dissolved solids and micro-organism from the water rendering it totally pure. It is a process particularly suitable for treating salinity and also has applications in manufacturing where pure water is needed.

Ultra Filtration is a newer technology and is a highly effective treatment process suitable for silted waters that filters down to 0.02micron, a purity that produces potable water to international standards without any chemical additions. The process removes solid particles and macromolecules from raw water by passing the raw water through thousands of tiny hollow fibres in a filter cartridge to produce a filtrate free from suspended solids. It is particularly suitable for ground water treatment and has wide applications in installations from domestic to town sizes. Particular uses in the region will be rural communities, agricultural industries, disaster relief, site camps, factory treatment etc where high quality potable water is required. It is particularly suitable as an alternative to conventional flocculation, settlement, filtration and chlorination plants that are bulky, complex to operate, use chemicals and do not produce treated water of similar high quality. 

The event was held in a Nairobi residential site adjacent to a river, which was highly turbid due to the ongoing rains. About 40 engineers from the public, NGO, water provider and private sectors attended and they were addressed by Dow engineers Fabian Creus and Javier Sanchez, who were visiting specially from the Dow engineering centre in Spain. They explained the technology and the application of the products and then a working Davis & Shirtliff designed and assembled UF plant was demonstrated, the effectiveness being shown by comparing the raw and treated water quality. As a confirmation of the process’s effectiveness the Davis & Shirtliff and Dow team drank the treated water and they were then joined by many participants who commented on its good taste! 

Dow is the leading world supplier of both RO and UF membranes. Supported by Dow engineers Davis & Shirtliff design and build plants particularly specified to the water to be treated and the local assembly ensures excellent value as well as support and serviceability. A number of plants have already been installed and certainly the UF treatment technology will soon become familiar in the region.   

Davis and Shirtliff designs water treatment solutions for small, medium and large scale domestic and industrial clients across its markets of operation. It is a Kenyan based multinational, operating through a network of Kenyan branches and regional subsidiaries in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Burundi and DRC. Founded in Kenya in 1946, it is the leading supplier of water-related and alternative energy equipment in East Africa.


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