On May 6-7, 2015, the East AfricaCom event took place at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi.  The annual event gathers digital decision-makers each year in Kenya. It encompasses the whole of the East African telecoms, media & ICT ecosystem for East African telecoms operators, regulators and CIOs of East African enterprises.


The event focused on various topics including; unlocking growth through broadband rollout, refining inland and rural connectivity, mobile money, entrepreneurs hub, growth through ICT sector development, and digitising Africa among other topics.

The East AfricaCom two day multi-streamed conference agenda addressed the hottest topics facing the digital ecosystem in East Africa.  It also involved constructive consultation with the market. The conference agenda was delivered by a panel of speakers of senior level Operators, Content providers, Apps Developers, Regulators, Analysts and International Solution Providers.

East AfricaCom represents the most advanced region of the continent for mobile and digital communications, mobile money and ICT development. It was established 12 years ago to support industry developments, showcase innovators and business leaders who are creating the next phase of growth in the digital ecosystem.  This spans from high level infrastructural projects, broadband and Long Term Evolution (LTE) rollout while recognising the key challenges for rural telecoms, reducing the costs of 3G networks and boosting data usage.

The event also recognizes how quality ICT is fundamental for enterprises to conduct good business. The CIO Forum was a new feature for 2015 that exists to help enterprises and large corporations transform into efficient digital businesses.

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