ENERGY, WATER AND SANITATION AUTHORITY (EWSA) RWANDA Tender: Prequalification- Concession Petrol Storage Facilities, Closing Date: 7/8/2013




REF NO:  11.07.053/2853/W/001/ICB/13/PROC-DIR/NK/rjg

Energy, Water and Sanitation Authority (EWSA), Rwanda’s public power and utility company, is responsible for production and distribution of energy, water and sanitation in the entire country.  EWSA invites qualified firms for the pre-qualification process to participate in a competitive tender to design, build finance, own / operate petrol storage facilities (the Project in Kigali, the country capital.

 The government of Rwanda (GoR) plans to develop the Project meeting the country’s need for strategic reserves.  The Project is to be developed in Rusororo on an area covering approximately 25 Ha with the objective of 150 million liters storage capacity in the medium term.  The Project Developer is expected to rent out storage capacity to third parties and may be involved in additional up – or downstream activities enhancing its business model.

The project will comply with international standards in the petroleum industry. A suitable 25 Ha land located near Kigali has been allocated.  The Project Developer will be responsible for:

    Design, build and finance the Project compliant with Rwandese laws and regulations in particular related to environmental, health  and safety  and building regulations.

     Maintain and operate.

GOR wishes to enter into a 25 years concession agreement wit the Project Developer.  Market exclusivity will not be granted and the Project Developer will compete with both existing – and new market entrants.  Avoiding oligopolistic or monopolistic market tendencies, GOR will regulate the market in terms of market share and rental fees.    Prequalification is open to all firms meeting the following requirements:

· Confirmation of the firm’s interest to be considered for eth bidding phase.

·  If appropriate a clear overview of consortium members and their envisaged role in the project.  It must be clearly indicated which firm is the lead firm of the consortium and the nature of the consortium arrangement should be specified

·  Profile of the consortium members, including main business, main country /ies if establishment and operation, duration of business activities.

·  Demonstration of sufficient experience in at least three similar projects of at least equal capacity having assumed responsibility for r design, build finance operate and maintain petrol storage facilities.  Regional and / or African experience will be considered as an advantage.

·   Assigned statement by a duly authorized representative of the firm  at the  firm is in good financial order, is not bankrupt, is not having their affairs managed  by account, has not entered into a arrangement with its creditors or has not suspected its business, or similar or related situations.

· Non performance of a contract did not occur within the last five (5) years prior to the deadline for submission based on all information of fully settled disputes or litigation.  A fully settled dispute or  litigation is one that has been resolved in accordance with the  Dispute Resolution Mechanism under the respective contract and where  all appeal instances available have been exhausted

· Firms equity must exceed USD 150 million confirmed by providing audited financial statements of the past three years.

· Inclusion of Rwandese firms is encouraged as the GOR aims at developing the private sector

Upon completion of the pre-qualification process, EWSA intends to invite prequalified firms to the bidding phase.

 Applications of prequalification should be submitted electronically by email (PDF document) to

 or in clearly marked and sealed envelopes  presented in three hard copies, one of which is the original, delivered at he  secretariat office of


Director general,

Avenue du lac Ihema,

P. O. Box Box 537 Kigali,

Tel:  +250 (0) 252 573666 +250 (0) 252 575476

Fax:  +250 (0) 252 573802

not later than August 07 2013 at 9. 30 local time.

Gloriose MWANANKUNDI Ntare Kiritanyi
Head of Procurement Unit
Director General

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