Funding, Design, Build And Transfer Of The 400,000 Acre Pilot Farm In The Galana-Kulalu Food Security Project

Type : Tender ( EOI ) 


Category : Professional Services , Other Professional Services

Ref No : NIB/T/010 /2015-2016


Closing : Fri, Dec 18, 2015

Eligibility :  Kenya





TENDER NO. :        NIB/T/010 /2015-2016


1.0 General Background:

National Irrigation Board (hereinafter referred to as “Board”) is a Government parastatal under the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, established in 1966 by an Act of Parliament, Chapter 347 of the Laws of Kenya, and whose mandate is the development, promotion and management of all national irrigation schemes in the country. In line with this mandate, the Board is currently managing seven national irrigation schemes and four research stations in various regions of the country while undertaking the implementation of new irrigation and drainage infrastructural projects in other parts of the country including Galana – Kulalu Food Security Project (GKFSP).


2.0 Project Description:

The GKFSP is located in the coastal region within Kilifi and Tana River Counties, situated about 105 km North West from Malindi town off the Malindi -Voi Road. The area borders Tsavo East National Park to the East and it is accessible through the Malindi – Tsavo Road (C103). The Project involves development of physical infrastructure for viable and economic utilization of the natural resources available within or accessible to the area making up the Galana and Kulalu Ranches including but not limited to water storage, water conveyance and distribution, irrigation, livestock production, aquaculture, road network, land development, eco-tourism, among others. It consists of various enterprises including maize, sugarcane, horticulture and orchards, dairy and beef ranching, fisheries, tourism and recreation, processing industries and human settlement. The phased implementation of the project comprises of 10,000acre model farm as phase 1, followed by 400,000acre pilot farm as phase II.

This project aims at implementing the phase II of the project on a design-build basis whose components comprise of development of water storage reservoir (mega dam) of capacity 2 Billion cubic meter, conveyance and water distribution system to the Pilot Farm of two blocks measuring 200,000acres each, access roads, perimeter fence and housing units.

3.0 Request for the Expression of Interest

The Board now invites sealed expression of interest from eligible and qualified firms/joint ventures to undertake FUNDING, DESIGN, BUILD AND TRANSFER OF THE 400,000 ACRE PILOT FARM IN THE GALANA-KULALU FOOD SECURfTY PROJECT, TANA RIVER AND KILIFI COUNTIES, REPUBLIC OF KENYA.


Project outline

Sourcing of funds

The following should be taken into account when sourcing funds.

Terms of Payment including interest rate, payment period and grant element.

Credit terms to be within the limits acceptable by the Ministry of Finance.

Part I: Design and preparation of documents

During the pre-feasibility study several sites had been identified as most suitable for construction of water storage reservoirs along river Galana with an estimated capacity of two billion cubic meter complete with spillway, drawdown tower as intake, scour gates and instrumentation.


The firm will carry out detailed investigations culminating in design for three dam sites along the Galana River. The investigations include geological and geotechnical/subsurface investigations and any other relevant studies

The detailed investigations should be for all the components that include foundations of embankment, abutments, valley walls close to the dam, spillway and outlet channels locations, reservoir area and crossings, borrow and excavation areas.

To facilitate selection of the most appropriate site, during design, the parameters to be simulated include the cost of construction and operation, land compensation requirements, environmental issues as dictated by the topography, geological formation distance and elevation with respect to the park vis-a-vis the irrigation area. The access to the proposed sites and the irrigation area should also be considered during design and suitable road development components provided.

Prepare detailed design report for all the alternative sites complete with the optimization using the parameters stated above. The report will detail the design of all the components of the dam including the intake drawdown tower, outlets and scour gate.

During design of the conveyance system, the optimization of the proposed alternative should consider a balance between closed conduits and open canal system depending on the selected reservoir site with cost and environmental aspects as the parameters. The conveyance network will also include well distributed night storage reservoirs or water distribution pools to act as buffer for irrigation supply.

Provide for an electric fence preferably solar powered combined with a trench or moat to minimise human – wildlife conflict in the project. Also provide staff housing and office blocks to be used by staff whose projected numbers are 50 senior managers, 200 middle level managers and 300 junior staff.

i)     Prepare detailed and costed bills of quantities, engineering drawings and specifications for three packages corresponding to each of the

proposed reservoir site. Each package will include reservoir, conveyance system, access road, fencing for irrigation farm, staff houses and office



3.2 Part 2: Construction


Prepare detailed construction plan for the selected sites.

Mobilize construction plant and equipment and personnel and, order construction materials.

Carryout construction works as per the agreed construction plan.

4.0 Period of Execution

The design and prepartion of documents stage should be completed within a maximum period of twelve (12) calendar months while the construction stage should be completed within a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar months.


5.0 Qualification criteria

Interested firms must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services by providing the following

Submit certified registration documents to prove their legal status;

Experience as main contractor in the implementation of design, build and transfer of similar nature and complexity in the last 10 years (to comply with this requirement, works cited should be at least 70 percent complete); (Documentary evidence in form of Employer’s reference or Certificate of Completion ONLY MUST be provided),

Availability of appropriate skilled, qualified and experienced key staff including CIS Expert, Water Engineer/Hydraulic Engineer, Structural Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Dam Expert, Water Resource Expert, an Environmentalist, A Surveyor, Social Economist Materials Engineers, CAD Specialist Land Economist, Health and Safety Expert, Construction Manager, Construction Supervisors and Foreman etc,

Proposals for the timely acquisition (own, lease or hire only) of the essential equipment required for the works,

Demonstrate access to competent Design and Construction Contractors;

Certified Audited financial statements for the last three (3) years and have a balance sheet with minimum capital (shareholders funds of US$100 million);

Demonstrate through documentary evidence the financial capacity to mobilize Kes. 122 billion (Equivalent USD 1.22 billion) to execute the works.

Provide a letter of recommendation from its bankers;

(i)    A commitment to design and build commission within a the specified periods of twelve (12) calendar months and thirty six (36) calendar

months respectively.


A firm may associate with other firms to enhance the value and quality of their works. The Association may take the form of a Joint Venture/Consortium (with jointly and severally liable to the client for all Consultant’s obligations) or a sub-constracting. tf consultants intend to associate with other firms, they should clearly state in their EOI the composition and form of the association. Where the firm is’a joint venture/consortium, a list of the members of the joint venture/consortium and the estimated percentage of funding to be granted by each of them including the documents evidencing the formation of the joint venture/consortium and the proposed ownership structures;

The firm(s) will be prequalified in accordance with the provisions of Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005 and subsequent Public Procurement and Disposal Regulations , which can be found at the following website:

Once selected the firm/joint venture will sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Board for one year; period within which Board and firm/ joint venture will mobilize the required resources and enter into a contract.


6.0 Clarification

The interested parties may request for clarifications on the expression of interest up to seven (7) days before the EOI submission date. Any request for clarification must be sent in writing by paper, mail, fax mail, or electronic mail. Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below from 0815 to 1700 hours from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Candidates who intend to submit their Eol MUST promptly submit their names and contact details to: for communication of any clarification(s) and addendum (s) during the tendering process.


7.0 Submission of Expression of Interest

The completed Eol documents in writing in one (1) original and three (3) copies, each clearly marked with tender name and no. as indicated above, must be delivered to the Tender Box at the address below at or before 1200 hours local time on 18* December 2015. Late Eol documents shall be rejected. All documents shall be in English language. Eol documents will be opened physically in the presence of the firms’ representatives who choose to attend in person in the Nile Basin Board Room, NIB Compound, Lenana Road, Nairobi at the address below immediately after proposal submission deadline.


8.0 Address

The address referred to above is: Physical Address:

General Manager

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