This morning, Infrastructure P.S Eng. John Mosonik addressed a press briefing where he announced plans by the GoK to rehabilitate the 601-kilometre stretch of road from Lesseru in Eldoret to Nadapal/Nakodok on the border of Kenya and South Sudan. The project, which will cost a grand total of 86 billion shillings, will be partly funded by the World Bank after the Government successfully negotiated for a 45 billion shilling credit from the Agency.

The credit from the World Bank will fund the upgrading of the road between Nadapal/Nakodok and Loichangamatak (298 kms), while the Government will contribute 6.3 billion shillings which will go towards rehabilitating of the stretch between Lokichar and Loichangamatak (40 kms). The project will take a total of six years, with construction slated to commence from the first quarter of 2016 till 2021.

The Ministry is also aware that a lot of the current traffic congestion being experienced in parts of Nairobi has been caused by drainage issues along major arterial roads, compounded by the abnormal rains which were experienced last night in the Capital. To address this unfortunate occurrence, the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) and Kenya Urban Roads Authority(KURA) through their Director Generals Eng. Tonui & Eng. Peter Mundinia announced that they did constitute teams to assess and earmark sections of road infrastructure which require urgent attention with regards to drainage, after which these issues will be addressed. Thus the drainage issues currently being experienced along Waiyaki Way, Mombasa Road and other parts of Nairobi will be sorted out at the earliest. 

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

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