Mobile phones have never been so useful. Who would have thought that you can use your phone to operate home appliances?It started off as a communication device, moved on to a small computer for  internet access, now it’s a ‘pocket bank’ and it seems we cannot define what else to expect of this life changing gadget.

Panasonic have extended the use of smart mobile phones by introducing home appliances that can be remotely operated via the smart phone. Through the application dubbed-Panasonic Smart App, users of compatible Panasonic home appliances can remotely operate their appliances, program settings and see the energy savings of each appliance using Android Smartphones.

Among the hardware appliances that can be controlled through the app include; air conditioners, refrigerators, washer-dryers as well as smaller devices such as blood pressure monitors and calorie meters-all of which are smart gadgets. Along with remote control, is a supportive cloud-based service for reporting device faults to customer service and generating reports.

The app will allow users to control their air conditioners remotely from outside the home, check if the refrigerator is running efficiently, or set their preferred washing cycle using their smartphone. It will also allow owners of the Panasonic healthcare products to create graphs tracking their weight and calories consumed by everyday activities among other things, making it easier to manage daily healthcare data.

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