Transport at the Likoni Crossing Channel came to a standstill on the 26th of October morning after the MV Kwale got stuck on a ramp on the Mombasa Island. Hundreds of commuters were stranded as this was the only vessel that was operational in the past one week. The sector has recently been marred with incidences of delays forcing commuters to be stranded. The commuters were forced to jostle for space at the vessel and leaving close to eleven people injured.


The Likoni Channel crossing problems are getting out of hand. Never ending mishaps are the order of the day. Mombasa islanders and western and northern mainlands have avoided Southern coast due to such delays.To curb the incidences Kenya Ferry Services has set up plans to erect a 4bn cable way to link Mombasa Island and the mainland, which will have up to 28 cabins. This will ease the traffic situation at the area and curb the menace that impacts on the region’s economy greatly.

Kenya Ferry Services was established in 1989, KFS plays a pivotal role in linking the island to the mainland south of Mombasa. Unlike the northern side of Mombasa which is linked by bridges at Nyali, Mtwapa, Kilifi and Sabaki. The south depends heavily on ferry crossings at Likoni and Mtongwe.

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