IEEE PES Power Africa Conference scheduled for June 27-30, 2017 in Accra, Ghana is calling on submission of papers. IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) offer a premier international forum on advances in the development and deployment of technologies and business models that are realizing Africa’s energy future.

PES provides the world’s largest forum for sharing the latest in technological developments in the electric power industry, among other things. This year’s conference will emphasize the emerging opportunities to leverage ICT to build solutions for both on-grid and off-grid systems across the continent that are economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable. The role of current and future regulations, investment frameworks and policies will also be addressed.

The IEEE PES organization brings together more than 14,000 people all over the world for their annual T&D shows and 3,000 people for General Meetings in North America. By attending the Power Africa Conference, you will be able to:
•    Share technical experiences with experts in industry & research
•    Publish a paper in the world-acclaimed IEEE Xplore
•    Participate in a forum with the African academia, businesses and regulators to discuss best practices to support the electrification of Africa
•    Network with leading practitioners in ICT and Electrification
•    Connect with students, industry leaders, investors and regulators
•    Stay up-to-date with latest advances in ICT and energy industries

Power Africa 2017 Accra, Ghana will be a platform for participants from academia, telecommunication companies, technology companies, electric utilities and the entire energy industry to discuss experiences, best practices and associated technical developments that can be applied towards the electrification of Africa, enabling socio-economic development.

Power delivery regulations, investments, and policies will also be addressed. The technical program is designed to highlight innovations and challenges facing the power and energy industry in Africa. The Conference will provide attendees with practical, solution-oriented topics, including case studies and lessons learned, via a diversified technical program consisting of tutorials/workshops, keynote/plenary speeches, poster and oral presentations.

The conference theme covers African applications or relevant international experience in the following four key topic areas: Tapping emerging generation and storage, Designing Micro-Grids and Revamping Utility Systems, Building Sustainable Systems for Customers and Sectors, and leveraging ICT for Power Delivery and Electrification.

Conference Paper Submission Requirements:
Full papers (6 pages) must be submitted to the online submission and review site. A link to the submission site will be available from the 2017 IEEE PES Power Africa Conference home page. If accepted after peer review and revision, papers will be archived in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library and presented in the Conference.


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