University of Twente, Netherlands through its Faculty of ITC has entered into a MoU with KenGen towards the development of geothermal energy. ITC (Institute of Geo-Information Science and Earth-Observation), is one of the innovative academic institutions leading in research and innovation in the areas of Geosciences & Engineering technologies.

The bilateral agreement for duration of five years renewable is geared towards enhancing institutional capacity building in areas of geothermal earth sciences and natural resources management. The utility firm will leverage on the vast experience that ITC has in renewable energy sources as well as global research.

Other benefits accruing from the deal is a joint resource mobilization, dissemination and sharing of research information and publications as well as joint consultancy. ITC’s focus is on problem-solving through research with an eye on complex global challenges where spatial information can make a real difference.

‘We will focus on training & scientific research in the relevant fields with emphasis on the use of geospatial data,” said Prof. Dr. Veldkamp, Dean Faculty ITC -University of Twente.

Both institutions shall conduct joint scientific research with use of GIS and remote sensing analysis for geothermal development.
Kenya’s leader in electricity generation plans to construct two more Olkaria geothermal plants, V and VI in order to raise its electricity production from the current 1,700MW to 5000MW within 36 months.

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