Your life started so well. Good grades at school, a great job — but now, somehow, everything’s gone flat.

Maybe a milestone birthday, an upheaval in your personal life, or a bad performance review has created the nagging feeling of discontent that just won’t go away. You have lost your passion. You still feel you could make it but somehow nothing ever seems to happen.



You’re in a rut…

But it’s never too late! Loads of people shift careers, and are far happier for it. But it’s all too easy to scare yourself away from taking action and focusing on what you might lose, your responsibilities and the bills, rather than what you could gain. Instead, acknowledge your fears as just part of the process because that’s what it is.

Life-changing events are always a process, never a single decision, and a career change typically takes several years.

So don’t panic if you somehow don’t seem able to make progress! Start the process. And as surely as day follows night, you’ll end up living your dream.

Begin by improving your time management skills to make time for thinking and planning. Rethink your finances to minimise your outgoings. Save like crazy — cash in the bank makes a whole lot of things possible.

You’ve maybe stalled on identifying your new direction? Most people start by asking “What’s out there?” But you’re better identifying your core skills, like your ability to communicate, write, organise or solve problems.

So get to know yourself better. Think about your values, experience, personality, everything you do well, and especially what you’re passionate about — what you’d love to do every day, if money weren’t an issue.


Have passion

Don’t dismiss any interest or strength, no matter how obscure it seems. If you’re really passionate about something, do it so much you become brilliant at it, it will not only give you great satisfaction, but you’ll definitely make money. Seriously! The top 10 per cent of almost every activity on earth is very well paid.

Test out your new direction by doing a little voluntary work, or helping people you know. It will also get you known, and build your CV.

Get organised, and set up a routine with some activity every day toward your goals, no matter how small. These include things that keep you fit, such as exercising, eating well, and drinking less.

You might need to go back to school — qualifications are required for some kinds of work — but you probably already know more than you think. And you could move into a new area just by reviewing the way you market yourself. Think in terms of skills instead of credentials.

Join LinkedIn, and network, network, network! Talk to everyone you meet. Really listen to them, and if they could help you reach your goals, follow up. Make your passion and enthusiasm visible because genuine excitement and commitment naturally attract attention and interest.

Until one day, you’ll realise your new career is under way.

courtesy of daily nation

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