Sustainability projects under Kenya Electricity Generating Company’s (KenGen) Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) have yield about ksh. 364 million for the firm since December 2010 when Olkaria II expansion project was registered.

The company’s CDM program is based on United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC). This enables developing countries like Kenya to implement green projects that will contribute to emissions reduction. CDM was developed as part of output global concern to contribute to climate change mitigation and foster sustainable development non-industrialized countries.

Climate change has become the biggest global environmental challenge. The international community acknowledged it as an important global issue. The convention has subsequently been ratified by approximately 190 nations. The effects of climate change have been shown to contribute to decreased hydro-power generation and widespread increase in the risk of flooding in human settlements due to increased heavy precipitation.

 The amount of carbon trapped in the atmosphere as a result of fossil fuels leading to increased carbon dioxide levels in the environment has led to climate change, with effects such as extreme weather conditions being felt across the world. KenGen has a dedicated team to spearhead environmental sustainability and contribute to the reduction of the effects of climate change. It has six registered CDM projects under UNFCCC, which includes;(Geothermal) Olkaria II, Olkaria 1 AU 4 and 5, Olkaria VI, (Hydro) Tana, Kiambere and (Wind) Ngong.

As a way of enhancing its portfolio of climate change mitigation projects, KenGen intends to incorporate additional geothermal, wind and solar projects, in the process reducing the impact of climate change in the environment. CDM projects have also resulted in environmental and social benefits to KenGen and communities living around the company’s installations through implementations of community benefits projects identified jointly with the community covering education, water and sanitation.

The company has been focusing on production of green on the production of green energy. Currently, 86 percent of energy produced by the company is from clean energy sources namely wind, hydro and geothermal.


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