As the East African region works towards integrating energy, the Kenya-Tanzania interconnection has made a step forward with the completion of the feasibility test for the project.The Kenya-Tanzania interconnection project will involve the construction of a total 507.5km of 400kV high voltage alternative current (HVAC) transmission line in double circuit. The transmission line will run from Isinya substation in Kenya, to Singida substation in Tanzania. The transfer capacity of the interconnector is designed for 2,400MW where 93.1km of the line is in Kenya and the other 414.5 lies in Tanzania.


The associated substation works include; extension of the existing Isinya and Iringa substations to include 400kV transformers and also, the construction of a new 400kV substation in Arusha.

According to the study, approximately over 200 persons will be involuntarily displaced in each country.”The affected properties and number of households in Kenya are 158 and 790 project affected persons (PAPs) while in Tanzania, 253 households and 1265 persons will be affected.”, states a report on the feasibility study seen by Kenya Engineer. The report goes on to state, “A full Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) has however been prepared.”

Due to the technical nature of the network construction and operation, the line requires a right-of-way (ROW) varying from 70m to 90m.Between Namanga and Arusha, the 400kV line will run parallel to the existing 33kV.

Other than this, Kenya is also working on another power interconnection with Ethiopia. This will see Kenya import 2000MW from Ethiopia’s mega dam, Reinsurance Dam.




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