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Kenya Builders & Concrete Co. Ltd has been involved with the construction & building industry for over 50 years. The core business in the early days involved quarrying on a small scale. Today the company has grown to become one of the leading firms in the concrete precast production and has  ventured into building and civil engineering contracts. The portfolio of products manufactured today include:-

  •       Quarrying
  •       Concrete Building Blocks & Other Precast Items.
  •       Concrete Paving Blocks.
  •       Concrete Roof Tiles.
  •       Concrete Pipes.
  •       Concrete Designer Tiles

All the above operations are managed from offices and yards which are  based at different locations within Nairobi.

     Head Office
Based in Hurlingham, the head office manages all the financial and administrative issues, while the others sites manage the relevant production and sales issues.

Located at Kayole , Mihango & Mlolongo in Nairobi, we have a combined capacity to manufacture over 1000 tons per day. With heavy investment in plant & machinery, specialized aggregate production is possible with sizes ranging from 2mm up to 150mm.

       Precast Concrete Production
Over one hundred items in various sizes are produced at our embakasi production depot. This can range from very simple precast grills to sophisticated customer designed precast items.

     Concrete Paving Blocks
We include in our stock one of the biggest varieties of paving blocks which are available in various thickness and strength. The quality of the blocks is maintained and controlled internally whereby various testing machines are installed to monitor a consistent quality.

       Concrete Roof Tiles & Pipes
We have the highest production capability of concrete roofing tiles within Kenya. The production is handled by our sister company Warren Concrete Ltd based at Kasarani. The roof tiles are available in two basic designs but unlimited to the range of colors. The concrete pipes are also produced within this location and is reputed to be the best company for production of various concrete pipes available from 100mm to 1800mm in diameter.

High stocks of basic raw and finished products are stored within our three locations which ensure that deadlines are met. This ensures efficiency which on turn ensures that contractor and client deadlines are also accommodated.

To support all the above activities and equipment, a lot of attention is given to maintenance of equipment. Two sub departments which are the mechanical and engineering workshops are located embakasi to provide support. The mechanical section is equipped with basic equipments such air tools to complicated such as crypton diagnostic analyzers. The engineering workshop which is equipped with various lathe machines, shaper, bending machines, mechanical hammers etc. All this ensure that all equipment is maintained to specific standards such that breakdowns are either minimized or downtimes are drastically reduced.

We are committed to being the leading supplier of concrete and related products in Kenya and to become one of the finest building and civil engineering firm.



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