The Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development, has outlined elaborate plans to revitalize and promote the local leather industry.

The plans, which are part of the Ministry’s 5 year strategy, will be facilitated through programmes and will also be rolled out in conjunction with respective County Governments across the country.

Speaking during a familiarization tour of the Bata Shoe Factory in Limuru, the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development, Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Adan Mohamed, pledged to provide further support for local value adding factories to promote the local leather processing industries.

The local leather industry, Mohamed disclosed, has a capacity to make a significant economic contribution of up to $630million of the GDP.

Despite a heavy demand of up to 28million units of leather, Mohamed expressed regret that the demand is heavily reliant on imported supplies against a current local supply of less than 4million units annually. Kenya, he noted are ideal production zones for quality leather.

“The government will spare no effort to ensure that we revive and strengthen the local leather industry for our domestic consumption and export,” Mohamed said. And added; “With the global leather demand now estimated at more than US$ 60Billion, we must work hard to grab a share of the cake.”

The local leather production capacity, he noted has been progressively hampered by low production capacity at the grassroots’ level. Such lack of capacity, he pointed out leads to more than 85% loss of raw skins due to damage or poor handling during slaughter.

To address the challenge, the Ministry, he said, will soon commence an engagement programme with MOIED & county governments geared at encouraging them to establish modern abattoirs’ and regional tanneries in their respective areas to spur industrial growth and create jobs.

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