Transporting goods and services using marine channels can be a cumbersome activity but with the invention of a new mobile application developed by International Standing Committe on Shipping (ISCOS) transport costs are deemed to drop. The mobile application referred to as M-Ship can monitor delays in moving goods across sub-Sub-Saharan Africa, detect areas where delays occur during clearance, and identify areas that need to be improved by collecting data from Mombasa Port and Northern Corridor Users and convey to relevant authorities. 

The app created at a cost of KES9m (USD 100,000) will be initially free but later on users will have to pay for it. The app will also be available on other mobile networks to enable Kenyans address problems in the marine sector and along the trade routes.

To access the mobile app one can dial *290# using the safaricom network to report incidences of delays, corruption or when there is smooth flow goods to various destinations.

ISCOS is an initiative of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia. It was formed in 1967 to protect and promote maritime and shipping interests of Member States.

Finally, International Maritime Organization (IMO) has shortlisted six nominees from Kenya, South Korea, Cyprus, Denmark, Russia and Philippines for the position of secretary-general. The elections will be held during the 114th session of IMO Council taking place from June 29th to July 3 2015. The successful candidate will take over the leadership mantle from next year. Currently, Koji Sekimizu of Japan is the seventh IMO secretary-general and was elected during the 106th session of the IMO Council.

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