In the beginning, a laptop was viewed as the best alternative to personal computers. The convenience of a laptop is the key thing that makes it the choice of many. You can carry it to wherever and still work. Consumers have however gotten used to this and now want more than just convenience in portability.

The makers seem to be listening and are doing very well even as their main target is to make sales. The laptops have seized to be just a portable computer to a super fast working gadget and now it’s a gadget to floss with considering the design of it and what you can do with it. The size of them is also a key point of competition for the makers as well as the features.

Other than speed and memory size which many consider before buying a laptop, manufacturers are giving the consumers another thing to consider, the design! At first, laptops were just  rectangular shaped and you just flipped one side to.Today,there’s more to that. Companies are coming up with different designs for the hardware, another reason you want to get a laptop.

Hewlett-Packard, the world’s largest tech company by sales, has its most portable device – the HP Envy x2- with a design in which its 27.9cm screen can attach to a keyboard dock, using magnets to guide both parts into place. The model distinguishes itself from earlier designs by featuring an 8 megapixel camera on the back of the screen allowing it to be used as a camera and the inclusion of near field communication (NFC) technology to allow users to easily share photos, contacts and other content with each other.

HP’s two other models both feature touch screens built into a traditional laptop design.

By contrast Toshiba’s Satellite U925t features a screen that can slide over its keyboard. The computer features a bigger 31.8cm display than has been traditional with this format.

Dell’s XPS Duo 12 takes another approach, allowing its screen to pivot around its bezel. Once the user has spun it around the laptop can be closed leaving the display face-up, ready for use.

The approach by the manufacturers is now to make the machines suitable for both productivity and fun in-putting a lot of creativity in making them.You no longer want to own a laptop just because its a laptop but also for the creativity displayed in its design.Another reason you want to get a laptop!

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