In what could bring revolution in the world’s naval ships, there are signals that engineers have started working on nuclear-powered ships. Across the world, countries, particularly the US, have expressed interest in expanding the use of nuclear power to a wider array of navy surface ships.

The new development is expected to kick off with the CG(X), a planned new cruiser that the navy across the world had wanted to start procuring in 2017. It is argued that, the total life-cycle cost of a nuclear-powered medium-size surface combatant would equal that of a conventionally powered medium-size surface combatant if the cost of crude oil averages $70 per barrel to $225 per barrel over the life of the ship.

Compared to conventionally powered ships, nuclear-powered ships have advantages in terms of both time needed to surge to a distant theater of operation for a contingency, and in terms of operational presence in the theater of operation.

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