The Swiss technology company Paradox Engineering SA is partnering with Deutsche Telekom to expand their common future proof Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine portfolio. The combination of Paradox Engineering’s technologies and Deutsche Telekom’s best in class network services will enable industrial companies to smarter manage their assets and plants.

Companies around the world are evolving their infrastructures to make real-time use of ‘big data’ flows from fully-instrumented plants in order to improve productivity, adjust supply chains, and optimize consumption of key resources such as energy, water and raw materials. According to the US market research and consulting company MarketsandMarkets, Smart Factory investments are expected to globally generate revenues of $246 billion by 2018, with an estimated CAGR of about 8% from 2013 to 2018.

Smart plant assets monitoring is fundamental to ensure effective operations management, which in most cases is depending on data collection, information reporting, key parameters and indicators tracking. Thanks to advanced monitoring solutions like Paradox Engineering´s Wireless Sensor Network Solution, industrial companies in multiple markets, from manufacturing to energy generation, can unlock the intrinsic value of data lying in engines, devices, sensors, meters and plant equipment, getting useful insights to take smarter decisions about operations, but also to encourage innovation and explore new revenue opportunities and service models. The convergence between technology and industries will pave the way for a new ecosystem of services which will enable a more efficient business, a better quality of life and reduced energy consumption. 

Today, the quality of air and water, the movement of people and objects, the changes in weather, the road traffic, the production and consumption of energy, can indeed be measured by sensors, and tracked and interconnected through networks in real time. But it is through interconnecting intelligent buildings, smart factories, connected vehicles, adaptive power generation plants, efficient lighting, that communities will be “smart”.

Adhering to Paradox Engineering’s philosophy of open standards, interoperability, reusable infrastructures and scalability, Deutsche Telekom is developing solutions for horizontal data transportation and object management leveraging Paradox Engineering’s PE.AMI and PE.WSNI to build future proof scalable and multipurpose network communication platforms. Ready for the Internet of Things and featuring the best Machine-to-Machine technologies, these integrated solutions represent the ideal pillar for any Smart initiative, to begin with the energy generation and distribution domains till the broader industrial one.

“The integration of Paradox Engineering’s technologies and Deutsche Telekom’s best in class networks and services enables companies to develop highly innovative off the shelf solutions for the so called 21st Century Smart Manufacturing”, states Gianni Minetti, President and CEO, Paradox Engineering. “We have a significant expertise in Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine infrastructures for Smart Factories, which is part of our and our partner Minebea’s broader vision and strategic direction to shape and penetrate the Internet of Things and Smart market”.

Paradox Engineering’s open standard based PE.AMI and PE.WSNi enable multi-application, scalable, flexible and modular wireless/powerline full mesh narrowband IPv6/6LoWPAN and broadband integrated network platforms, agnostic to field devices (sensors, meters, etc.) and to applications. Paradox Engineering’s solution is a unique and multipurpose platform to set up solutions for smart factories and smart cities

Deutsche Telekom and Paradox Engineering are collaborating on several projects centered on Smart City and Smart Lighting initiatives throughout Europe and based on Paradox Engineering PE.AMI Smart City technology platform and PE.STONE OEM solution. Similarly, with their partnership the two companies are willing to boost the edge and strengthen their presence in the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine markets. 

About Paradox Engineering SA

Paradox Engineering SA is a technology company that designs and markets solutions and services to unlock the value of data for industrial remote and condition monitoring, Smart Grid/Smart City, M2M, HUMS and HAN projects in the Internet of Things era. The unique competences in radio design, network design and management, low power consumption and energy harvesting, and data collection are at the heart of Paradox Engineering’s DNA. The Company conceives and provides open standard urban and industrial wireless sensor network solutions, global virtual networks and OEM versions of its core network technologies, to companies and developers.


Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, in 2013 the Company welcomed the Japanese corporation Minebea Co. Ltd. as shareholder and acquired the Italian electronic design center Syllogism System S.r.l. Paradox Engineering acts on a truly global scale, supported by branch offices in San Francisco (USA), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Catania (Italy) with business and projects spanning over five continents and a consolidated network of global strategic partners. For more information, please visit and 


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