Power and Energy Expo and conference open its doors to power and energy enthusiasts on April 27—29, 2015 at Kenyatta International Convention Center, Nairobi. The event presented over 2,400 Products, Equipment & Machinery from several countries.  The event is known to give immense exposure to the exhibitors and giving them huge opportunities of networking and connection.

The event attracted 250+ delegates, drawn from all over the world, to represent an unrivalled combination of industry experts, project developers, financiers, large power users, energy users, government officials, manufacturers, senior decision makers from utilities, IPPs, consultants, contractors and regulators along with official support from the Ministry to source the latest solutions and to meet new clients and suppliers.

Some of the topics discussed at the conference included, the role of legislature in the governance of Power, Energy, Oil and Gas sector, reduce off-grid power generation cost through rental hybrid diesel-PV, civil society organization as gatekeepers in the management of natural resources in Africa, local content for sustainable energy development and reconciling wind biodiversity: the integrated management approach among others.

The Power and Energy expo is an internationally acclaimed trade exhibition that features the latest technologies and innovations, in respect of the power and energy sectors. The fourth edition of Power & Energy Africa is an imposing demonstration of its importance for the successful development of power and energy sector in Kenya.

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