Truck drivers, building, and construction customers visiting the Savannah Cement manufacturing plant in Athi River along Namanga road, enjoyed light moments today after finding the firm’s Managing Director, manning the gates and the weighbridge.

To mark the beginning of Customer Service week, Savannah Cement Managing Director Ronald Ndegwa and his management staff, resorted to switching roles with their factory floor colleagues to the surprise of many customers. At the firm’s main factory gate, Ndegwa accompanied by the Head of Commercial Eric Masindet, and Head of Manufacturing Oliver Kirubai, took turns to register trucks arriving at, and leaving the premises. The trio also effortlessly managed the dispatch weigh bridge and verified the accuracy of loaded products as they engaged with the drivers and loaders.

Abdikadir Haile Jilaow, a driver with FIDO logistics, a South Sudan based distributor, could not hide his surprise to learn that the cheerful gentleman signing off his dispatch note and extending an invitation for tea was also Savannah Cement’s Managing Director.

Speaking during the event, Savannah Cement, Customer Experience Manager, Cynthia Nkirote, said the exercise had been carried out to sensitize each staff member on the critical roles played by every member across the key customer touch points, and additionally enforce teamwork as we strive to deliver our promise of a differentiated and intentional customer experience.

“This exercise that featured the leadership team taking time off to manage the customer touch points goes a long way in appreciating the staff who handle the crucial dockets,” Nkirote said, adding, “At Savannah Cement, we strive to entrench a superior customer experience and our commitment for the same goes beyond the customer service week as attested by the presence of our senior leadership team.”

On his part, Ndegwa, confirmed that notwithstanding the firm’s role as a manufacturing facility, the Savannah Team has embraced world class customer service standards recognized by both the International and Local Institutes of Customer Service. 

He added that the firm has invested heavily in the training and equipping of its customer service team to deliver world class service to our customers.

“It is not common to be received at a factory gate with a smile or to be treated with utmost respect and honour in many manufacturing environments, however, at Savannah Cement, this has become a culture to cherish,” Duncan Njoroge, a driver with New Muthikonju, one of the main local distributors, explained.

At its Athi River based Manufacturing complex, Savannah Cement, produces the best quality cement at a competitive price while observing the highest safety standards and ensuring zero emissions, making it an Eco-friendly cement manufacturing plant.

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