The partially blind have a reason to smile  thanks to continued innovation in technology. A team of scientists in the Oxford University have developed smart glasses that are to help the partially blind navigate their environment.

The glasses are for the partially blind as they are able to still detect some light. The glasses have two tiny cameras mounted on them which capture pictures of obstacles that are in front of the wearer. The smart glasses also contain two LED displays that show an overlay of the environment as captured by the cameras which create the effect of stereoscopic vision.

However, instead of displaying the actual image of the object, the camera detects the distance the object is far from the wearer and converts this distance into brightness. The nearer the object is, the brighter the LEDs glow.

The team is now working on improving the glasses by developing a pair of glasses that collects visual information using sensors and relays it back to the wearer using OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screens and headphones. Fitted with a text -to-speech software, they will help capture text and convert it into audible speech which is then fed into the wearer through the headphones.




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