Mt Kenya region is set to reap big from Lamu Port Southern Sudan-Ethiopia project (LAPSSET) with construction plan underway in the next few months. Meru County plans to open up agricultural and infrastructural projects in a move that will unlock the potential of undeveloped Eastern and Northern parts of the country and create wealth for its people.

The corridor is expected to traverse Igembe North constituency as it passes through Isiolo. Mt Kenya residents are looking forward to the opportunities to be created at the Resort City in the neighbouring Isiolo County. Meru County  is finalising plans to build a new city just two kilometers  from the airport, a modern sports facility and a University City.

LAPSSET project is a significant investment that will create a new social and economic reality, open up new frontiers to development, and inject 2-3% of GDP to the economy. It will contribute 70% of the country for investment tripling the investment space in the country and transform Kenya into a middle income society.

On March 2, 2015, a judge sitting in Malindi Court froze bank accounts for eight people after claims that they were irregularly compensated for land allocated for Lamu Port Project. The eight were among 154 people who received a total of KES860m from the government as compensation for the land set for the second transport corridor.

Also, on February 23 2015, during the launch of the first National Maritime Conference, President Uhuru stated that ground breaking ceremony of Lamu Port will take place on March 2015 to offer opportunity for development of Kenya’s maritime sector.

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