CRONE-TECH LTD has introduced in the Kenyan Market a monitoring system designed for industrial processing sites. Using High grade industrial data capture, control and communication systems, it captures real time parameters from the plant equipment, then provides information at the factory site and remotely via secure connections on phones, tablets and internet connected computers. Critical control can also be enabled for processes that can be remotely manipulated.

This is a valuable tool for plant owners and managers, which enables them have a firm grasp on their operations at the comfort of their home office or mobile devices, while reducing/eliminating losses particularly with the increasing need to work from home.

System Benefits

·       Monitoring and control of energy and water costs (Electricity, Fuel, Steam, Compressed air)

·       Product Quality Monitoring and control.

·       Capture of supplier deliveries for billing information

·       Prevention of pilferage and losses of raw material and product

·       Timely decision making leading to Overall Improvement in productivity and smooth running of processing facilities

·       Environmental Monitoring for emissions and Effluent Quality

The Main Modules include the following

1.     Remote Inventory Monitor

2.     Remote Utilities Systems Monitor

3.     Remote Process Systems Monitor

4.     Remote Packaging and Bottling Systems Monitor

1.  Inventory monitor

Accurate Monitoring of Raw Material quantities for tanks and silos. (Instantaneous Quantities, Deliveries, Closing and opening stocks, usages and variances) This will also trigger relevant restock alarms for the following:

1.     Raw Material Storage Tanks eg, Juice concentrates, Milk, Vegetable oils, Ethanol, Industrial chemicals etc

2.     Grains, Cement, Flour silos

3.     Cleaning agents including Acids, Caustic soda, soap

4.     Heavy Furnace oil for boilers

5.     Diesel Fuel for Generators

6.     Water for Industrial processes

7.     Liquefied Gases Including LPG,CO2,Oxygen

8.     Intermediate Product and raw material tanks

9.     Monitoring of sensitive materials/product stores (To include remote shutoff)

2.  Utilities systems monitor

Accurate Monitoring of critical utilities that are crucial to a production facility.

·       Electricity usage: Total usage section/machine usage, Power Quality

·       Fuel Usage (Boiler HFO, Generator Diesel)

·       Steam and Compressed air

·       Water treatment plant throughput, energy consumption and quality monitoring

·       Effluent discharge and quality

·       Boiler Emissions

3.  Process system Monitor

Monitor instantaneous and logged information your process system including

·       Intermediate product tanks

·       Product Quality using inline process analyzers

·       Product flows or transfers between processing, storage and packaging sections

·       Monitoring and logging of Critical Control points in the process system (eg Pressure, temperatures, flow rates)

4.  Packaging and bottling systems Monitor

Monitor instantaneous and logged information your packaging sections including

·       Production output for Different packaging lines (Instantaneous ang logged)

·       Monitoring of product input into packaging

·       Computation of product losses

·       Monitoring of Machine Performance and Equipment uptime

·       Monitoring and logging of Critical Control points in the process system (eg Pressure, temperatures, flow rates)


The cost of the System is based based on the user requirements and Upon survey of the manufacturing facility.

The vendor of the system is CRONE-TECH LTD, suppliers of automation solutions for industrial, building and utilities monitoring and control.




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